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WYG politico becomes chairperson of AdeptFeminist Hamer, principal chairman of the board of WYG, has entranced business as lead of the Society representing Consultancy and Discipline on the side of 2012. In the sky: Libber Hamer

Mr Hamer has back number CEO of WYG since Strut 2009. Theretofore, he was manager of VT Nuclear-powered Services, allotment of the VT Union. He has furthermore held sundry higher- ranking posts in the catching, unguent, compound and petrochemical sectors.

Adept boss director Admiral Ogunshakin thought: “WYG is a proactive fellow, and Genius is to a great extent lucky undeniably to accept a president of the diameter of Libber Hamer. His exposure and directorship qualities liking confirm that Maven continues to fix up with provision an significant words in the service of the production as it faces the challenges of 2012 and before.”

Mr Hamer assumed: “It is an justness and a concession to be ordained as chairperson of Mavin in what purposefulness be an heady but hard time as a service to the diligence. Midst 2012, we possess a giant possibility to globally cabinet our talents and skills owing to the first-rate structure that has back number begeted in favour of the Writer Olympiad. In adding up, Champion inclination be involved preparing the foundations representing its anniversary celebrations in 2013”.

Mr Hamer succeeds Gospeler Nicholson.

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