Roofing films

Centre Pompidou in PansArchitecture, London 1972 and New York 1973; Thirties: British Art and Design before the War (exhibition catalogue), London 1979; Lyall, Sutherland. The State of British Architecture, London 1980; Architectural Design (ed.), British Architecture, London and New York 1982. Greene, Charles Sumner, b. Brighton, Ohio 1868, d. Carmel, Cal. 1957- Studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. He was in joint practice with his brother Henry Mather Greene in Pasadena and Los Angeles, 1894-1922, then independently in Carmel, Cal. The houses of Greene & Greene were from the beginning stamped with the handicraft ideal of the Arts & Crafts movement. At the highpoint of their extensive ceuvre stand the Blacker House (1907) and the Gamble House (1908-9), both in Pasadena, which, with their interpenetration of interior and exterior space, their projecting roofs, their flat gables, their warm materials (wood, shingle-clad walls, stained-glass windows) and highly elaborated details, are among the best examples of a Californian version of Art Nouveau, inspired by the japonisme of the epoch. Gregotti, Vittono, b. Novara 1927. Studied at the Milan Politecnico; diploma 1952. From 1952 to 1967 he was in partnership in Milan with Lodovico Meneghetti and Giotto Stop-pino as Architetti Associati; since 1974 with Pierluigi Cerri and Hiromichi Matsui as Gregotti Associati. He was an editor of Casabellacontinuitd, 1952-60, of Edilizia Moderna, 1962-4, and of Verri, 1963-5; Director of La Rassegna italiana since 1980 and, since 1982 of Casabella.

He has been a professor, first at the Milan Politecnico, 1964-78, and, since 1978, at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice. G., who during the years he spent with E. N. Rogers on the editorial staff of Casabella-continuita had been an apologist for Italian Neo-liberty (block of flats for the Bossi company in Camcri, near Novara, 1956-7), developed in the course of his work a progressively more detached, rationally controlled formal language.

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