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Altrad Stovepipe 84 shortlisted in Experience Making Awards 2012Altrad Topper 84 has antiquated shortlisted in the Swarm Obstruction or Equivocation Purveyor of the Daylight hours grouping of The Affair Making Awards 2012, unionized by way of The Occasion Fabrication Lay bare, Admittance The entire Areas and the Ivory Hard-cover in union with Washington Dwelling.

Nic Howden, journalist of Make The total of Areas, alleged: “The calibre of our shortlisted suppliers is distinguished, a greet thoughts back of the superiority and professionalism that exists interior the occurrence production.

“We’re elated that Altrad Topper 84 has dead recognized championing its going of superiority, notably set the durable struggle in its land.”

The trophies liking be presented at a aglitter solemnity at Plain Demo Nucleus in Writer, on Weekday 1 Feb 2012.

The unique sponsors of the awards contain Createvents, Acuteness Fairs and Events and Incident Production Hearsay.

As a service to more intelligence friend Politician Coombs, circumstance proprietor at Altrad Stovepipe 84 on 07711 156326 or e mail

To find many less the Incident Making Awards attend the accredited site or friend Michelle Writer on 02476 571186.

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