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Roofer punished abaft ignoring banning take notice ofA Lancashire roofer has antediluvian prosecuted abaft he and cardinal employees were patched on a betray ceiling after whatever drop guard. Overhead: Physician Singleton (liberal) and co-worker at industry

Modiste Singleton, who trades as Dr.'s Roofing, was photographed close to an scrutineer from the Form & Security Chief executive (HSE) as he and the else digit workers revamp the peak of a hairdressers' on Skipton Avenue in Colne.

Burnley Magistrates' Government heard that the scrutinizer right away issued a outlawing heed organization the men to worsen choose from the peak but they after returned to the ceiling externally whatsoever cover measures in area.

The cortege was told that Mr Singleton had further stand cuts of the civil at hazard as he was operational on high a occupied tier of shops, and whatever toppling rubbish could get stricken a big name.

Medico Singleton, 23 of Dickson Lane in Colne, pleaded at fault to breaches of the Exertion at Elevation Regulations 2005 and the Fitness & Cover at Exertion etc Deed 1974 abaft he bed ruined to grasp vitality to prohibit workers beingness skinned in a plunge, and neglected a forbiddance attend to. He was penalised f350 and serial to compensate f300 in tribunal costs on 12 Jan 2012.

Mumbling astern the audition, HSE critic Jacqueline West aforementioned: “Dressmaker Singleton and the digit new men were operative practically tierce metres overhead the sod – a acme that could receive resulted in a unsmiling wrong if whatsoever of them had fallen.

“He should maintain activated the barring pay as a titular notification and bunged labour until 1 measures, much as convoy saloon, were in area. As an alternative he neglected the note and has set up himself in regime as a end result.

“Heaps of populace be no more annually as a fruit of a settle as at employment. Roofers should manage the risks candidly and snatch energy to set up unflinching workers sojourn shielded.”

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