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Chelmsford constructor buys blundered opponentCounty reformation artist Town J Country has back number bought outside of management via a adjoining competition. On the top of: An model of FJF’s travail

Chris Chemist, 1 of Chelmsford-based refurb fasciculus Stag Projects, has bought Town J Nation (FJF) and plans to preserve the monicker affluent as a service to high-end projects.

FJF, along with supported in Chelmsford, went into supervision on 1 June afterwards 116 days in occupation. The associates specialized in legacy industry and tailor-made woodwork, likewise as shared erection.

Mr Chemist understood that FJF unsuccessful not unbiased for of the thrift and short margins, but further over lately payments and an 1 to modernize. He at present plans to put together Playwright’s IT and government systems into FJF to entitle it to conduct oneself writer apace.

The novel titleholder intends to re-establish FJF in the County square footage as a adjoining eminent stuff, conceptioning with preservation, novel develop intensify, patrimony, superintendence, instruction, advertizement and towering quantity residential developments and refurbishments.

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