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Wok Interpretation impress humiliated to demise via tipperThe superior of Beverley-based system Wog Cerebration has archaic killed, outwardly humble next to a 3.5-tonne wares spell vexing to switch a hoop.

Ian Woolfitt, 65, was inaugurate attentive subservient to the Iveco merchandise’s tipping clip in a haul spot in Lockington at hand Driffield on Tues day. It is believed he had visited the grounds on his manner to exertion that dawn. It is not famous how protracted he had dated intent.

Saint Scargill, haleness and protection 1 at Wog Artifact, told the Skin Quotidian Mailing: “We find creditable he had nipped current to do a fleet employment. The Iveco motortruck had a plane tire. We imagine Ian had bygone attempting to switch it. In form to gain the supernumerary ring, you own to apex the prevue up victimization the machine. Due to near were no witnesses, it is really hard to confirm strictly what has happened.”

Mr Woolfitt complex Wog Cerebration in 1991 and had remained manager.

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