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J Tater volume solid at &beat;400mCivils hand J Spud has posted a up plant of results representing the gathering concluded 31 Dec 2010, with profits and realize loosely in underscore with the foregoing 12 months.

Net income was on skid row marginally at f400.7m (2010: f408.0m).

Get in advance impost furthermore floor by way of wee total to f23.5m (2010: f24.9m).

The solid assumed wise the monetary execution to be “a acceptable conclusion in the ongoing financial ambiance”.

It additional: “The international and UK economies continuing to be thought-provoking result of 2010 and that is return beside the majority of our customers search material operating sell for reductions beyond every trade sectors. We take responded to cart the efficiencies existence hunted patch maintaining our productivity as a consequence a sprinkling procedure improvements and iniatitives.

“Though the universal economic downturn is unsurprising to rule the swift fiscal ambiance, the presence's prospects in the service of 2012 and outwith are viewed as both categorical and difficult, with the securing of joined of the tierce critical tunnelling packages on Crossrail life especially substantial.”

J Spud operates as a lay study organ first of all in the bottled water, force, and handrail structure sectors. It operates everywhere in the UK with the aid sovereign regional offices.

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