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Skycraper projected representing Metropolis waterfrontAn relevancy representing development consent is predicted to be lodged with City Municipality Meeting that arise in the service of the tallest constructing in the northmost of England.

The 199m extreme constructing has antediluvian premeditated near planner author Maurice Shapero representing a locale miss Port's waterfront.

Quondam attempts to upon the locality, where the Regent Prince public house utilized to put, unsuccessful afterwards architectural watchdog CABE and Skin Holdings closed the plans.

The conceive of of the original plan is meant to recollect thoughts of rescue containers. Usual 67 storeys towering, it would take 22,986m&mouthful2; of accommodations, 1,966m&taste2; of get rid of expanse and 7,744m&taste2; of offices, increased by a 1,168m&mouthful2; cafй.

According to reports, the evolution is actuality go ahead by means of Custard Pie Properties, which owns piece of the neighbourhood, with sponsorship from Richmont Properties.

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