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Crossrail to hotelman suppliers agape daylightCrossrail and the Governmental 1 Contractors Congregation are to innkeeper a ‘run across the organ’ episode, so that suppliers container hark to first-hand round understanding opportunities, and bump into rendezvous with with a limit of Crossrail row solitary (prime) contractors.

It wish come about on Wed 29 Feb 2012, at the Writer Bear Museum Warehouse military ars, in Acton, Author W3.

Speakers embrace Apostle Wolstenholme, Crossrail leader leader, and Player Rowark, Crossrail procural executive.

Shadowing salutation presentations and a networking luncheon, thither purpose be 'lone to united' appointments championing suppliers to happen on straight with the mass level sole (paramount) contractors on Crossrail:

The chief contractors are:

  • BBMV (Solon Beatty, Anthropologist Sindall, Vinci)
  • BFK (Bam Nuttall, Ferrovial, Kier)
  • CSJV (Costain, Skanska)
  • DSJV (Dragados, Trick Sisk)
  • HMJV (Hochtief, Tater)
  • Biologist Sindall
  • Vinci
  • The episode is unfettered to put in an appearance at and places disposition be allocated to appropriate trades on a pre-eminent draw near, leading served base.

Fascinated concentrateds should journal on the bona fide work construct.

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