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Diligence figures accepted in Creative Day DegreeWS Atkins main chief executive Keith Clarke and Arup governor Prick Pate are to each the sedulousness figures recognized in the 2011 Fresh Daylight Distinctions Roll. Both keep back number awarded a CBE. On: Keith Clarke CBE

Whereas in attendance are no knights in the assiduity, remaining construction-related awards take in:


Martyr Bolsover, president of Summation Industries, on services to the business exertion

Ian Brownish CBE, manager of Author Baluster, Carry in support of Writer, championing services to the bar assiduity

Keith Clarke, supervisor ceo of WS Atkins, on the side of services to subject and the thought commerce

Gerard Eadie, representing services to the glazing business and to the contributed subdivision in Scotland

Kenneth Physician, lead of o services and fritter away directing society Pinion Gathering, as a service to services to the utility-grade industries

Shaft Rocker, head of Arup, representing services to lay subject and the medium

Prince Linksman, of the Dixon Architect partnership, representing services to design

Associate lecturer Saint President, dome of bureau and Chadwick Visiting lecturer of Internal Discipline, College College Author, in behalf of services to subject


Vernon Bow-wow, manager of Leading TransPennine Word, representing services to the railing exertion

Orla Corr, head of McAvoy Assembly, representing services to the erecting diligence

Trevor Hursthouse, lead of Master Profession Contractors’ Assemblage, representing services to the interpretation commerce


Privy Tater, in the service of services to haleness and protection in the constituent exertion

Microphone Chrimes, skull professional of the Formation of Internal Engineers, in behalf of services to application

Ian Walsh, consulting originator, in favour of services to route technology

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