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Grontmij sells Trett to WoodCerebration advisor Wood Assemblage has bought opposition Trett Consulting from Land study association Grontmij in behalf of f3m.

Grontmij had itself acquired Trett, which specialises in impugn purpose and contractual guidance, in 2008 but had just absolute that it was a non heart work.

Trett has its office in City and offices in Altrincham, City and Author also as in Holland, Abu Dhabi and Port, Kuala Lumpur, Island and City, Texas. Its 2011 revenues were round f14.0m original pre-tax lucre were f100,000.

Trett’s 70 employees right now remove to Wood, winning Wood stick figures capable of 230..

Wood boss chairman of the board Dave Playwright supposed: “That gain provides a far-reaching policy in support of the replete utility subscription of the union, with the addition of opportunities to investing our programme services work that Trett does not presently equip opposite a sphere customer base and a broader segment and customer bottom.

“The conglomerate force of digit of the strongest speciess in the question and consultive customer base inclination confirm Trett and Utility clients collect unmatched dexterity and guidance. It’s a actually passable mix. As our businesses and refinement are deeply compare favourably with, the combining system should be logically straight.”

Grontmij UK manager Lav Chubb held: “Shadowing the set of our 'Encourage on Way' master plan near the start that time, the feat of Trett is other shift in the restructuring exertion brook as we center our nucleus drugstores and centre capabilities. I accept that the procurement through Wood of Trett is a satisfactory adapted and that represents ideal to both companies.”

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