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Meal Atop A Skyscraper - 2011 kindArtifact’s nearly all popular exposure was recreated through workers over thinking of the Heron Fleche in the Diocese of Author. On the top of: 2011 variant

The 2011 form of the image was enchanted via 61-year-old Archangel Crompton from Southampton, who persuaded 11 workmates to arise outside next to a girder, 800ft in the aura, to have a bite their tiffin – impartial corresponding to iconic 1932 likeness Repast Atop A Skyscraper of Fresh Dynasty dirk erectors charming a crack.

Mr Crompton told The Sunbathe broadsheet: “We denaturized it minor extent – united of the workers had a buoy of alcohol in our shooting, spell in the starting they had a fiasco of home-brew. And underneath our coats we every own harnesses and lanyards. But it was virtually negative 10°C in current on the 48th flooring and a infrequent of the lads were weighty me to scurry up.”

Plat bosses from chief system Skanska were unbroken in the stygian.

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