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The-Most-Important-Roofing-RepairsInstalling new roofing can often feel like a grudge purchase, something you need but take for granted. Plus, people don’t usually comment on how nice your roof is. In some parts of the country, new roofs go on every 5-7 years. Here is a list to help you save money and aggravation if you have to put on a new roof.

Before you call:
Compare hourly rates or job rates of several roofers.
To the best of your ability, contact a roofer during the off season when it is not snowing or raining. It can be a mess if you call a roofer when you realize your current one can’t turn water.
Compare the base price of different roofing material, e.g. asphalt shingles, slate tiles, cedar shakes.
Ask to see projects your roofer has completed in your area and talk to the homeowners.
Consider skill and experience over a cheaper hourly rate. Having an inexperienced, inexpensive roofer who doesn’t apply the roof correctly, will just cause you to hire another roofer to fix his mistakes. Avoid those situations by hiring quality first.

Roofing Contracts:
Consult with your roofer about which material would be best for your roof. If possible, try to secure a warranty or even a guarantee on his work.
Agree to how long your roof will be off and how long their equipment will be on your property.
Come to terms about who is responsible if the roof leaks within a certain period of time from the install.

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