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I only have one part time employee. It is easy to manually do his paycheck. I do not need any fancy accounting and payroll software. My little business is a side job for my wife and I along with our helper. My wife and I both work day jobs, and we do this business on Saturdays and some evenings. I found a website that lets me create check stubs online that our employee can use to verify his employment with us. He needed to prove income sources for a car loan. They did not want a letter from us, they wanted to see his pay stubs. I was able to make him ones dating back three months.

We just use the site to create check stubs online now for each pay he receives from us. It is nice to give him a running tally of the withholding and other information. It is also nice that we did not need to buy any expensive payroll software to do it. At our day jobs they use a payroll service to issue the checks and check stubs. We are nowhere near that big yet. This is just a part time side business that helps us pay the bills.

We keep our expenses low, and that way all three of us can earn some decent extra money for the work. We do pay pretty well for the job. We have had other people ask to come work for us. The few that know how much we pay say they can make more part time with us than they could full time at some other jobs. I am actually glad to hear that. We do provide a good service, and we are very happy to have one solid employee who works hard for us for each hour on the clock.

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