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roofingMinneapolis and St. Paul didn’t used to like to share things. In the fifties, both cities built stadiums and lobbied Major League Baseball for separate franchises, and in the sixties they decided to implement daylight savings time a week apart. Apparently even sharing time wasn’t in the cards. Then came the Minnesota Twins, named after the dual nature of the Twin Cities, and ever since the municipalities have operated as a two headed metropolitan monster. Today, the Twin Cities share one thing whether they like it or not: Minnesota’s brutal weather. As a result they also share a common need when it comes to home improvement: new roof installation in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Roof Installation: Minneapolis-St. Paul
Roof installations in the Twin Cities aren’t uncommon, and there’s not much mystery why. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area suffers a combination of severe summer thunderstorms, winter blizzards, and the coldest average annual temperature for a major metropolitan area in the United States. That adds up to some of the worst conditions for roofing imaginable including hailstorms, ice damming, snow removal, and high winds. It’s no wonder that roofers in Minneapolis and St. Paul keep busy across the metro area when things thaw out between April and early October.

St. Paul and Minneapolis Roof Installation Costs
Whether you live in Mill City, the STP, or out in the larger Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, you’re probably wondering the same thing when it comes to roof installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul: what is it going to cost? According to our data, the collective average of St. Paul and Minneapolis roof installation is about $6,700, with a high that ran $13,000 and a low of $2,000. The size of your home will play a large part in the final reckoning, as will the materials you choose. Asphalt shingles are by far the cheapest roofing material on the market, though one of the most short-lived. Concrete tile, metal roofing, and cedar shake roofing, on the other hand, all cost quite a bit more for the materials and installation, though you’ll enjoy a combination of better performance, longer life, and better looks if you choose to invest more up front.

St. Paul and Minneapolis Roof Installation Durations
The other question that residents of both cities ask is how long they should expect a roof installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul to last. HomeAdvisor also tracks projects’ durations, and when it comes to a roofing installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the rest of the metro area, 7 days is the average time frame you should expect as a homeowner. That’s quite a bit longer than it takes to install a new roof in the rest of the country, though not surprising due to the low average annual temperature in the Twin Cities and the unpredictable weather. Asphalt shingle roofing, which dominates the market, is best installed at temperatures over 50 degrees. In St. Paul and Minneapolis, roofing contractors are particularly under the gun installing asphalt during very early spring and very late summer and early fall because of this, so make sure you get your project planned early to ensure the fastest and most effective service.

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