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4With all of the abuse a roof takes every year, there’s a good likelihood that, at some point, it will become damaged and require repair or replacement. Even tile roofing that has been known to last more than 70 years and is quite common in the Bay Area will probably need some work over its lifetime. Roof repair, as you might imagine, can range from simple and inexpensive to involved and very costly. Often, the thing that separates a pricey repair from an affordable one is the amount of time a problem goes unnoticed.

In Oakland, roof inspections are one way to keep your repair costs low and your home’s efficiency high. Though they might seem unnecessary to some, regular roof inspections often the only way to identify small problems with your roof before they blossom into large ones (complete with large repair bills).

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What to Expect from an Oakland Roof Inspection
There are many different roofing materials on the market, and some are more popular in certain areas of the country than others. In the Bay Area, however, roofing materials are quite varied; Oakland and San Francisco homes are topped with everything from metal to tile and asphalt to wood. Each of these materials has its own benefits and drawbacks, and a good roof inspector will be able to identify potential problems no matter what kind of roof you have.

Some Oakland roof inspections will require an actual physical examination of the roof. An inspector will have to climb up onto your home to take readings, and may examine your attic as well. Other roof inspections may be done from the ground using binoculars and infrared equipment to identify problem areas. Depending on the weather, the pitch of the roof, and the roofing material, your home could require both of these techniques to get a comprehensive roof inspection. Oakland homeowners should be aware that not all inspections are the same, and what might have been necessary on one house may not be required on another.

Oakland Roof Inspection Professionals
It has been said that a roof should ideally be inspected three times a year. This, however, includes two inspections done by the homeowner him or herself and only one done by a professional roof inspector. One annual professional inspection is enough to identify small problems before they become large and costly.

When calling for a roof inspection in Oakland, it is very important that you hire someone who not only knows what he or she is doing, but is doing it for the right reasons. Inspection scams have been run in the past by disreputable roofing companies in order to drum up business. To make sure you are getting a quality roof inspection, Oakland residents might consider hiring not only a prescreened contractor, but one who is not associated with a roofing company and has no reason to give a less than unbiased opinion.

The Cost of Oakland Roof Inspections
Generally, roof inspections run somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 to $400. The bigger the job, of course, the higher on the spectrum the cost will be. You may be able to find someone who offers very cheap (or, in some cases, free) roof inspections. It is a good idea to be wary of such offers, as a quality roof inspection done by an unbiased and independent contractor is well worth a few hundred dollars. If you find a roof inspecting service that seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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