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residential-roofingThough gutters are attached to your roof, their chief function is to protect your siding, lawn, and foundation. This last one is key. Most homes experience flooded basements when their gutters fail. It’s almost unheard of for a Dallas home to have a basement. The notoriously unstable soil of north Texas presents unique challenges. When your rainwater runs over your gutters or the water is improperly diverted, this water can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. Naturally, a damaged foundation is a nightmare scenario for Dallas homeowners. Still, clean gutters will extend the lifetime of your siding and prevent flowers and shrubs planted near your home from drowning. Of course, poorly designed or dirty gutters can also ruin your roof or attic. Particularly, downspouts that have formed dams can cause water to back up into your subroofing just as easily as down the side of your home.

Dallas Gutter Cleaning Done Right
The primary function of gutter cleaning, as you might expect, is to get leaves and other debris out of your gutters. However, proper gutter cleaning involves a lot more than throwing leaves out of your gutter. Gutters should also be inspected for structural integrity including the seams between individual gutter panels, the joints between gutters and downspouts, and that your gutters are securely attached to your home. Any defect can significantly impair your guttering system from safely diverting water away from your home. Before you hire a gutter cleaning contractor, make sure you convey your expectations about the job including these elements of gutter maintenance, and hauling away the debris when the job is done.

Cost of Dallas Gutter Cleaning Professionals
Like any home improvement project, a survey of different contractors is likely to yield different estimates. A wise hire usually combines a reasonable bid with professional and quality assurances. Some Dallas homeowners have told us that some gutter contractors have neglected to properly flush their downspouts. From more reliable contractors, you can gain the trust to have the project completed while you’re away from your home. Other homeowners prefer the peace-of-mind of being there while the cleaning is done.

Many Dallas guttering companies offer single or annual services. Many Dallas homeowners opt for an annual contract, which typically includes four cleanings, creating worry-free gutters. A single gutter cleaning is likely to cost $100 to $200, depending on the contractor and the size of your home. Annual contracts are more likely to cost $300 to $500.

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