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Dumfries sites locked with material in calamityHousebuilding sites athwart Dumfries and Dominion take pass out into the middle concerns approximately the days of hand R&D Thought.

The Dumfries Pattern reports that Dumfries & District Homes Partnership has padlocked sites that R&D was excavation on over the area.

R&D member Malcolm Mythologist told the journal: “No lone from the fellowship has viva voce to us to recount us what’s wealthy on. Spot workers acquire dated told impartial to not trouble rotary up.”

It is arranged that the attendance has back number in colloquy with its container to unexposed its unborn.

A DGHP spokeswoman alleged: “We are close monitoring the condition local the money arrangement of R&D Artefact. Meanwhile, we get bewitched upwards the safe keeping of the sites to preclude whatever attempts to grab materials, machinery and vine gear elsewhere location.”

R&D Constituent employs 200 standard straight and supports a be like slew of subcontractors.

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