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Production line equipment sure makes things go faster. One of the arguments I heard was that it takes away jobs. I think for our company it lets us put the people into other positions where they can grow. We did not fire anyone or lay them off when we got our machines to handle some of the packing chores. All we did was increase our ability to produce more product. That actually allowed us to hire more people. Our robotic case packers can do the work of several people around the clock. The people that used to do the job are now working in other departments. Some at higher pay!

Our plan from the beginning was to be careful about staffing. We did not want to grow and then end up having to lay people off. We have been controlling our growth smartly. Our production line is becoming more and more automated. That means we are producing more and more product. That increases our profits allowing us to grow the number of employees we have rather than using automation to get rid of people. We retrain workers from production line jobs to work in other departments. Some make lateral moves to the same level of pay while others go to higher paying jobs in our company. No one goes to a lower paying position.

As we add package fillers, conveyor belts and case packers, we are increasing our ability to produce more product for our customers to buy. This is helping us to keep the employees we have and even add more. Maybe other businesses have a different philosophy and agenda when it comes to automation. Yes, we streamline our production, but that has to do with increasing production not getting rid of human resources. Our employees are like family. Maybe that is the difference.

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