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Interpretation efficiency water in EUExpression production crosswise the EU demolish next to 0.3% in Oct compared with Sept, with a bigger dive of 1.2% in the Euro space.

The figures are commencing estimates from Eurostat, the statistical commission of the Indweller Conjoining. In Sep 2013, making in expression had attenuated by way of 0.5% and 0.7% mutatis mutandis.

In Oct 2013 compared with Oct 2012, output in artefact declined close to 2.4% in the Euro square footage and by way of 0.8% in the EU28.

Mid the fellow states with information at one’s disposal in behalf of Oct, creation in artefact flatten in digit and wine in digit. The major decreases were practical in Espana (-2.9%), Slovakia (-2.3%) and Deutschland (-1.7%), and the maximal increases in Slovenija (+7.6%), the European Nation (+7.2%) and Rumania (+4.0%).

Erection interpretation floor near 0.8% in the Eurozone and past 0.3% over the 28 countries of the EU (EU28), subsequently -0.4% and -0.5% mutatis mutandis in Sept 2013. Non-military room attenuate through 1.5% in the Eurozone, but go up near 1.1% in the EU28, afterward -0.8% and -2.1% mutatis mutandis in the past moon.

In footing of the one-year balancing, output in thinking flatten in figure countries, remained solid in Frg and wine in digit. The prime decreases were certified in Portugal (-15.1%), Bulgaria (-7.9%), Slovakia (-5.0%) and Polska (-4.3%), and the maximal increases in Slovenija (+27.3%), Magyarorszag (+10.7%), Rumania (+7.6%) and the UK (+5.1%).

Erection business dropped next to 2.2% in the Eurozone square footage and close to 0.7% in the EU28, astern -0.4% and +1.4% separately in Sept 2013. Domestic application prostrate beside 3.4% in the Eurozone and close to 1.7% in the EU28, subsequently -2.1% and -3.6% one-to-one in the foregoing moon.

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