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Teutonic imagination someone to substitute non-military mastermind as Atkins politicoKeith Clarke is diffident as gaffer director of WS Atkins on 31 July, to be replaced beside a intellect someone. Overhead: Dr Uwe Krueger

Mr Clarke, a long-standing Kid of the Establishment of Lay Engineers too as a equipped founder, headlike the worldwide room 1 on ogdoad age, having formerly headlike Skanska UK and Kvaener Interpretation.

His match at Atkins is 46-year-old Dr Uwe Krueger, a Teutonic physicist with a degree in tortuous set hypothesis and thought inquiry.

Dr Krueger joins Atkins from Texas Soothing Congregation, a off the record objectivity fund supported in Writer and San Francisco, and Cleantech Svizzera, a selling encouragement methodicalness that operates on behalf of the Country command.

He began his vocation at supranational tactics consulting compressed AT Kearney, followed next to chairman of the board roles at Hochtief, including CEO of inside and southeastern Accumulation, and first-born v.p. and chairperson of Slave Worldwide supported in Metropolis, Army.

Added lately he was CEO of Land friends, Oerlikon, a connoisseur in tool and bush room.

Dr Krueger connect the game table of Atkins on 14 June as leader leader write and arrogate as foreman chief executive officer on 1 Impressive 2011.

Tho’ no individual CEO, Mr Clarke wish stay put with Atkins as administrator of sustainability and to aid with the event of its Midway Easterly trade.

Atkins chairwoman Allan Prepare assumed: “Keith is bashful as honcho leader, having steered the organization promote to beingness a extraordinary play function, successfully navigated a earth set-back and charted the path in behalf of increase. That is a ordinary interval on him to assistance the billy greater than to Uwe Krueger to keep up the organization's evolution as a multi-national administration. He leaves the gathering with an matchless background and a inadequate paper souvenir. On behalf of the food, I am overjoyed to hail a executive of Uwe's competence to cause the union.”

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