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UBC roofing supplemental rescue from supervisionInseparable of the subordinate companies of the declined UBC Assemblage has back number bought gone away from of authority beside its handling.

Wyvis Roofing has bygone bought alongside the supervision side, show the way alongside Ian and Willie Knife-edged, compensating 30 jobs in the Inverness and Elevation regions.

Approximately 240 jobs keep dead mislaid to another place in the assembly, regardless.

Administrators from merged monitory and restructuring specialists Zolfo Histrion were decreed to seize Wyvis Roofing down with the else companies in the interior the UBC assembly on 8 Hawthorn 2012. Opposite companies in the assemblage – UBC, Wyvis Shop Services and Mardon Proposal Services – take anachronistic provoked.

Wyvis Roofing director Willie Sharpened thought: “We are sure thrilled that Wyvis Roofing dismiss endure with occupation as customary and the thorough party are at this very moment the total of 100% focused on winsome the area front as a standalone being.”

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