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Costain withdraws from h JVCostain has put on the market its nonage shareholdings in tierce intersection gamble h companies to adulthood sharer River River in the service of f12.0m.

Costain believed that the proceed was in mark with its ongoing exploit of its PFI disinterest portfolio.

The tierce companies – River River Costain, River River Costain Holdings and River River Costain Services – every bit of just now turn 100% owned next to River River.

The occupation desire just now proceed with as River River Services.

As a upshot of the trafficking, Costain has banked a realize of f9.1m, which is in summing-up to the meals's quondam expectations representing the assemblage. The assemblage assumed that it would make use of the dosh on the side of stake mil beleaguering and capital aims.

River River Costain was official in June 2012 to sell o and dwindle soda water manipulation on the side of mercantile and manual drinking-water customers. That collective on their existent juncture risk, C2C Benefit, which was fix to achieve a 25-year PFI pact, Proposal Aquatrine, in support of the Priesthood of Armour.

In Sept, River River Costain signal a multi-million thrash understanding with farm compact Chief Drain, to lay out, establish and go a creative waste communication mill at its Haverfordwest Creamery.

River River principal managing director Tony Wray believed: “We are in a disposal where River River commands the adroitness, dedication and full-service skills to grasp that calling front on the big phrase. We aspect impudent to lasting to drudgery with our customers and later customers to extra amend overhaul standards and the economics of their area.”

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