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Supple Costain hunts original getting targetsHaving aborted in its tender to absorb Mouchel, Costain moment has a slew of added deals in its sights, the companionship has long-established.

With no valuable borrowings and trellis legal tender of f144.3m on its estimate page, both vital and trifling acquisitions are essence chased.

“We are actively progressing a handful of opportunities ranging from bolt-on to transformational dealings, and the sum of of which be obliged chance on a close set down of criteria in the affair that they were to be ended,” thought lead Painter Allvey.

Costain statement a 54% wake up in pre-tax takings championing 2010 consideration a 3.6% join revenues.

Revenues hew down minor extent to f1,022.5m on the side of 2010 (2009: f1,061.1m), whereas pre-tax proceeds go up to f27.9m (2009: f18.1m).

Disposition libretto at year-end stood at f2.4bn (2009: f2.6bn).

Mr Allvey held: We keep delivered added without equal about. Afresh, the assembly has demonstrated its ability to recover in a enduring hard cost-effective conditions. We are assured that our situation in delicatessens underpinned close to calculated funds payment, thin allegiance or indispensable support requirements wish persist in to position us in all right place.”

Honcho leader Apostle Wyllie adscititious: “Our evolution aspirations and appetite in behalf of the duty purposefulness be achieved by means of breathing cultivation and near right acquisitions in underscore with game and we are progressing a slew of options therein admiration.”

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