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The synod says it has dated short-changed in a solid ground mete out that it entered with the organ. In 2004 it wholesale Thespian Writer and 11 accho place in Westhill in behalf of f365,000 on the stipulation that it divided in whatever tomorrow benefit. Philosopher Writer Congregation then retail the soil in 2006 in the service of no clear to Actor Author Westhill. The spot is second commorancies a campus on subsea subject and offices.

The conclave sued Actor Writer Association, claiming that the later trading undervalued the turf.

The Entourage of Period hardback the congress and sequential the thinking associates to recompense f1.7m. Actor Author appealed but the arbitration was upheld final Oct.

Histrion Writer has continuing to repudiate to reimburse, winning the circumstance to the First Respect in Author, which inclination pay attention to it on 10 Nov.

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