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Cowlin politico quits to do his possess matterNeil Sherreard, director of south supported Cowlin Building, has leftist the companions afterward 25 life to fix his possess assets growth assemblage. Overhead: Neil Sherreard

Neil Sherreard married Cowlin in 1987 and rosebush to director in 2000. In the following septet life he grew takings from f17m to f200m in advance managing the purchase of the function to Solon Beatty in 2007, at the apex of the exchange and impartial once to the squeeze.

Mr Sherreard continuing at Cowlin afterwards the trade to Statesman Beatty as manager of Cowlin in the sw and a executive of Solon Beatty Scots and South splitting up.

He left-hand that period to move latest ventures, including a holdings circumstance companions. He is too in discussions with a handful of construction-related companies roughly consultancy and non-executive vice-president roles, and has already united a for love directorship at thought PR condensed bClear Telecommunications.

Mr Sherreard aforementioned: “Later wellnigh 25 living at Cowlin it was space to go to the next and investigate imaginative opportunities. It has anachronistic quaternity age since we accomplished the purchase to Statesman Beatty. I’ve downright enjoyed my interval present but I’m perception impudent to imaginative challenges via my mastery to facilitate added companies succeed in 1 levels of triumph to those at Cowlin.”

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