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Roofer's reconciliation step caught on cameraThe president of a Suffolk roofing compact has bygone punished abaft he was photographed in a index aid patch reconciliation on the line of a residence ceiling. Aloft: Suffragist Nurse caught on camera

Suffragist Nurse, 34, of Copdock, Ipswich, was filmed with a petrol-powered saucer carver to cross a tile as he and an staff member worked on the cover out-of-doors whatever descend defence.

Mr Nurse was prosecuted in his space as official of 3A Roofing Ltd through the Trim & 1 Ceo (HSE) aft a vexed affiliate of the catholic stippled the precarious travail at Dennington, Suffolk hindmost July and report it to the HSE.

Ipswich magistrates heard that Mr Thrush deteriorated to employ a fit summit separate to arrive the elevation and a substitute alternatively he and his 1 clambered uneven the tiles. They were seen close forward the 1 where present-day were no measures in position to forestall them from decline the ceiling.

Suffragist Thrush pleaded answerable to a disobedience of the Travail at Pinnacle Regulations 2005 and was punished f1,300. He was likewise regulated to compensate f3,000 in tribunal costs and a f15 dupe overload, the earnings of which longing be tired on services as a service to fools and witnesses.

HSE Scrutineer Elizabeth Fowle aforementioned afterward the opportunity: “Mr Nurse should possess show the way near instance, but in place of he place his possess sentience and the sentience of an hand at peril. By good luck no individual was burned on that chance, but it is staggering that Mr Nurse cogitating it was admissible to make use of a potentially menacing lump of machinery at the same time as on the brink at the summit of the crown.

“That state should assist as a word to the wise to opposite attendance directors that if you travail outdoors the moral safe keeping paraphernalia and stand lives at danger, you could finish up in government.”

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