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Skanska divests fifty per cent of Chilean streetSkanska has trade 50% of its pike in the Chili’s public-private partnership route Autopistas de Port.

It expected a sum total vending outlay correlative to approximately SEK 275m (f26m), resulting in a obtain of roughly SEK50m (f4.9m).

Skanska wish be there holder of the outstanding 50% of the shares in the layout fellowship. The plan attendance purpose just now be doped as an related companions, which is like to each separate projects in the Skanska Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty portfolio.

The way runs owing to the Chilean defence locality it is unpaid to agape to transportation beside Dec 2012. The assent in behalf of lay out, expression, movement and conservation was won by way of Skanska in 2010.

The procurer is Inversiones Infraestructura Dos, a Chilean society owned near figure investment managed by means of Las Am ricas, an investment overseer.

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