Roofing films

I have started to think about how practical this idea is that a friend of mine came up with. Just outside of town there is a mountain which used to house a huge stone quarry. Most of those are open pit quarries, but this one was tunneled in the side of a mountain. Of course the structural analysis is important for this idea. He is talking about using the place for a huge storage facility and it is not a very far fetched idea in reality. The truth is that the place is probably going to stand up to anything short of a direct hit by a nuclear bomb and it is a huge space. In fact it is probably big enough for dozens of warehouses to be put within it. I have been in there myself, I worked there a couple of summers when I was just out of high school.

In fact the guy has the inside track on this, because his family owns a pretty big chunk of the company that used to own the quarry. They are not really interested in doing it on their own, because they moved on to other lines of business. It is not something that is that big of a deal, but of course a large underground space like this is perfect for storage because it is going to be climate controlled with little human intervention. A place this far under the ground is going to remain more or less the exact same temperature all year round. It is not going to need to be heated when it is cold out doors and it is not going to need air conditioning even when it is a hundred degrees outside. That is a huge deal when you are storing things that need a stable environment.

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