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I told my husband eight years ago when we first added an addition on to our home, that I was going to want to raise it up a level instead of adding space on the same floor. He did not want to take my advice, and now we are adding yet another addition, and he was shocked when he heard the cost but knew that he was going to have to do it. We had an asbestos testing company over to our home to check the material found in the attic, because we did not want to take out the ceiling of the home and have the particles flying around, where one of our animals or daughter could inhale the substance.

It was great to have a professional come look at our home, test the substance, and tell us right away that we could open up the ceiling without having to worry about any type of particles falling that could be harmful to our health. Once we got the clearance from the asbestos testing company and the permit from our town, we started right away on the demo and the construction with our designer and I was excited to see the changes.

It only took six weeks for our home to completely get the addition up, and we had to go furniture shopping to furnish all of the new space that we had in our new second floor bedrooms and sitting area. I was really shocked and happy to see how much our home went up in value after we went and had someone come over to assess our property so we could get it in writing should we decide to take out an equity loan or wanted to refinance our home, I doubt we will be moving anytime in the near future.

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