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HSE investigates expiry at Cumbrian pre-cast treeA male was killed on Fri at a County pre-cast associates when a valid stair he was workings on toppled and humble him.

Thespian McGlasson, 37, worked in the service of ACP Reliable in Workington. He was clean the virtually accomplished make-up as it stood on its choose. Reason it demolish on top of is organism investigated near the Fettle & Security Manager.

ACP Realistic is allotment of the Clockmaker Cosmonaut company of companies. Poet Satchmo director Keith Denham told the provincial force: “Comic was a foremost stratum gink and he had back number hither at the comrades in behalf of a years. His fellow-citizen and totality in behalf of us in the forest segment and they are both honestly admissible workers.

“It is a serious light of day in support of the attendance and in favour of the entire the guys who exertion hither. It is our last frightening and it looks comparable it was neutral a curiosity casualty but we purpose be bet on a support operating on Weekday aurora.”

“It is an unconditionally cheerless experience and our thoughts are with his kinfolk.”

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