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Mivan and Lagend bit consolidation plansFigure of Northerly Island’s influential expression contractors obtain terminated discussions round a amalgamation left out motility a dole out. Upstairs: Kevin Wreckage

According to BBC reports, Mivan and Lagend Congregation Holdings had antique in consultation nearly connexion unitedly. Despite that, these convention possess right now ended with no settlement organism reached.

Both companies are privately owned. Belfast-based Lagend Association Holdings, owned by way of Kevin Wreckage, is a different quarrying, glue, structure materials, home structure and laic field Gathering of companies.

Antrim-based Mivan, supported via its principal director Ivan McCabrey in 1975, is extra convergent on high-end fit-out projects.

A designed amalgamation amidst Wreckage Glue and participation of the Quinn Union was shouted out concluding daylight when Kevin Wreckage traditional a projectile in the newel.

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