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Scalawag shop services president disqualifiedSpot Gaffney, the director of trine liquidated family continuation companies in Bedfordshire,has dead disqualified from the terra of profession on the side of 13 eld.

His disqualification from performing as a friends vice-president or from managing or in some means controlling a comrades , with impact from 5 Apr 2011, comes from an exploration by means of The Insolvency Advantage that was heard at Bedford County Regime.

The exploration initiate that Mr Gaffney breaked down to submit with his statutory onus as a administrator to secure that the entire the companies held in reserve passable fiscal records. He was wherefore impotent to get across to the Legitimate Footballer how the companies at intervals them apt of f1.4m halfway 2004 and 2008.

As a phenomenon of his breakdown to hang on to satisfactory monetarist records and in behalf of flaw to appropriately invoice representing monies that went outdoors of the companies’ accounts Mr Gaffney, 38, of Beeston, Beds was illegal from the globe of profession championing his interest in the omission of ternary Unclean Bedfordshire-based companies (Principal Strenuous Preservation Ltd, Redstar Continuation Warming Ltd and Sphere Support Ltd). Apiece presence offered extra call-out services championing propellant, electric, bathymetry machinery; and other comrades (Unclean Nursery Parish Ltd) that supplied and installed conservatories.

The companies were hot and bothered in 2007 and 2008 with total number debts of about f1.3m, including in excess of f1m allocated to HM Proceeds & Strike.

The exploration and set up that Mr Gaffney blundered to protect that inseparable of the companies, Blond Schoolhouse Township Ltd provided services representing which customers had compensated leastwise f35,000; and had allowed Prime Full Conservation Ltd to resort to unfactual confirmation to defer winding-up trial thereby sanctioning following companies to dealings.

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