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Costain adds M&E services fascicleCostain has acquired buttress services organ Promanex in behalf of f16.4m.

The figure stub includes managing holding payments and lattice-work encumbrance under obligation of f2.4m.

Habitual in 1996, Promanex provides facilities managing, placement, into working order and continuation and accepted service capital supervision in booths including knowledge, petrochemicals and nuclear-powered. Until the Costain dispense, it was hardcover by way of NVM Undisclosed Equitableness.

Supported in Warwickshire, Promanex operates transversely the UK and in Hibernia with a employees of above 800 continuation employees. Clients encompass Conoco Phillips, EDF, E.ON, Magnox, RWE, Scots & South Animation, S and Whole.

Services subsume the directorship, functioning, sustention and mend of vine assets, including solidified and spongy facilities supervision, soda water services, specified as o discourse, laical and progressive services, specified as public field, artiste developed improvement and outage help, and M&E services specified as powerhouse materials touching, bi-product systems and emergence direction systems.

Take 75% of Promanex's revenues are generated from extended semester contracts. Costain whispered that it had “a hale and hearty form hard-cover and powerful duct of opportunities”.

On the side of the yr complete 30 Sept 2010, Promanex tale takings of f56.2m, Income of f2.4m and occupied gain of f1.8m. Big assets as at 30 Sep 2010 were f20.8m.

Promanex desire be unsegregated into Costain's Structure separating and the existent administration band liking stay with the vocation.

Costain boss chief executive officer Apostle Wyllie believed: “The getting disposition much enlarge our existent know-how to supply act and continuance buttress services to our larger customers and reinforces Costain's site as a primary Course Single application solutions supplier.”

Promanex manager Scratch Dixon adscititious: “We are elated to be connexion Costain. Costain justly has an prominent famous for in behalf of applying subject 1 and alteration to total ideal to customers. Confederate with Promanex's proved capabilities and store paramount posture in our centre sectors, we drive construct a alarming crew.”

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