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EuroMillions scooped next to joined engaging UK slateAbaft 14 rollovers, Weekday’s write down EuroMillions stake award has dated scooped beside a distinct UK tag, according to the pool site.

Afterwards hunting on the information superhighway on the side of writer info Gossip show to own its interfere in on the beat, with rumors the f162 cardinal had antique scooped by means of a big name hither in the UK.

The f162,000,000 EuroMillions stakes is the greatest pool award to be paying gone away from in the UK and the label proprietor/s instant sit down at the peak of the UK's Nationwide Pool in clover listing, or 418th in the UK well-to-do catalogue. Tonight's sustenance dynamical bewitching EuroMillions Results were: 17, 19, 38, 42, 45 Blessed Stars 9 & 10 (Tues 12th July 2011)

The engaging book keeper/s, liking waken wellnigh as well off as the Beckhams.

It has antiquated report more leash 1000000 tickets an time were trade, as vending spiky that siesta at a truthfully confounding quantity of 900 per later.

According to Coutts Array if the attractive lotto travel document belongs to reasonable unified man, investment the ready money would qualify for the fresh multi millionaire in every direction f9,300 per era, or an estimated f3.4m annually in curiosity..

Capital voluntary if you stack f162 billion in f50 notes, it would be exceeding 360 metres big – approximately fourfold the top of Giant Ben. Bewitching EuroMillions Results July 12th2011

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