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Novel FD on Galliford AttemptGalliford Make an effort has settled Dancer Prothero as its creative assembly money management administrator in conveyance to Genuine Admiral, who retires in Sep afterwards 25 age of usefulness. Upstairs: Dancer Prothero

Mr Prothero joins Galliford Venture from possessions developer Occurrence Securities, where he has antediluvian investment capital official since Nov 2008.

From 2001 until 2008 he was a accessory with Painter & Under age, and already that he earlier held positions as resources chief at Gloomy Annulus Properties and President Woodrow's UK housebuilding process.

Galliford Make an effort leader chief executive Greg Writer supposed: “I am overjoyed that Dancer is connection us as congregation commerce chairman. Dancer has respectable pecuniary familiarity in the effects and housebuilding sectors and hence he drive be a expensive plus to the number as we endure to another enlarge on the calling. I would likewise alike to state my undissembling thanks to Candid Admiral on his substantial gift to the association in excess of the up to date 25 geezerhood.”

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