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Statesman Beatty acquires company fit-out authoritySolon Beatty has acquired Company Projects Organization Small (OPL) on f8m. Upon: A latest OPL fit-out

OPL manages and delivers mercantile inside and outside fit-out and transformation projects on the side of a distance of blue-chip UK customers, including Statesman Beatty itself.

Solon Beatty described the acquirement as a calculated suited with its existent capabilities, extending the companions's art foundation inside the fit-out store.

OPL has offices in Putney (Author) and City. Vending in 2009 were f40m.

It was supported in 1994 close to Neil Player, as chair, and mercantile chairman Saint Author.

Neil Thespian is a prior Commando promenade officer who has climbed Everest, circumnavigated the UK on a jet-ski, played sport at the Direction Mast, motivated cross the Desert Waste and piloted a air auto more than the Pass of Calpe.

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