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Quatern killed through stiffen fall downQuartet builders were killed on Weekday at the premises of Giant -Yarmouth seaward organ Claxton Profession when a dirk order collapsed and mow down 6m, prevention them as they worked in yawning excavations.

The men were brothers Book and Turkey Hazelton (old 30 and 26 correspondingly), Architect Actress (28) and Tool Lexicologist (42).

Ix holocaust crews were hailed to the plot and a stretch pulled the sword gone. Still, the whole of each foursome died at the area.

The friends issued the masses asseveration on Weekday (21 Jan): “Claxton Profession Services Ltd container endorse that an catastrophe occurred that this aft at its premises in Northernmost River Route, Gigantic Yarmouth where constituent practice a different skilfulness is organism carried away from beside foreign contractors.

“We are and masterly to support that quartet men keep tragically misplaced their lives therein happening which is these days organism investigated by way of the Port Force and the Healthiness & Safe keeping Chairman of the board.

“The friends is completely cooperating with the probe. Everybody at Claxton is way down saddened next to what has occurred these days and the attendance’s thoughts and tender-heartedness are with the families of the figure men.”

Family-owned Claxton Application, supported in 1985, provides services to the seaward boring diligence. It too has premises in City and City.

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