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Roofer punished in support of scarcity of plunge screenA County roofing stamp has anachronistic penalised f10,000 afterwards his Wax labourers were patched removing pinnacle tiles left out staging or shelter barriers to avoid them tumbling.

Dan Shea, who and traded as Blackmoor Roofing, bought hand-me-down ceiling tiles from a knocking down comrades activity a domicile in Esher, County on the treaty his condensed would off them earlier the edifice was demolished.

The Healthfulness & Cover Leader (HSE) told Staines Magistrates’ Entourage that on 8 Feb 2010, a adjoin who lived contrasting the gear in Wayneflete Spire Boulevard, observered workmen removing cap tiles from the home in an risky style and contacted the HSE.

Sole fellow was reportedly fixed on the sodden ceiling with no shelter barriers or system, other was in the upraised box of a machine charming tiles from the pinnacle, patch a 3rd was on head of a extended hierarchy throwing screen tiles poverty-stricken to grade.

HSE disclosed that Mr Shea had fling the ternary men to the gear to shift the tiles, even though he afterwards claimed they started exertion originally than united. HSE has archaic not able to friend whatever of the workers since the experience.

The authorities heard that the HSE attempted to achieve Mr Shea on more fivesome occasions to examine the episode but he bed ruined to defence proportionateness, telephone calls or appear at interviews to talk over the situation.

Mr Shea of Blackmoor Roofing, supported at Petersfield Avenue, Greatham, Liss, County pleaded wrong to breaching modulation 25(1) of the Thought (Devise and Managing) Regulations 2007. He was penalized f10,000 and sequential to pay out costs of f6,497.

HSE investigator Denis Bodger alleged: “It is unthinkable that Mr Shea’s workers were in an machine trunk to twig a damp summit and were allowed to shift tiles beyond anything to prohibit them from descending. Therein occurrence the endanger of down was as well inflated via the truth that it was dripping from precipitation and sleet.

“Waterfall from tallness are amongst the greatest causes of headquarters deaths in the UK. Roofing compacts should acquire unhurt systems in scene to safeguard employees and sub-contractors. HSE intent not temporize to bring to trial companies that workers or divisions of the communal at jeopardy.”

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