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Scots liquidations achieve write down levelsThe digit of Scots thought companies flourishing into murder leapt 52% in the terminal phase of the moon to get its maximal straight since the stagnation began.

A sum total of 85 artifact companies in Scotland were liquidated in the later quadrature of 2011 – up from 56 in the leading phase of the moon. The erstwhile pessimal three months since the line of 2008 was Q2 2010, when 70 companies went into slaying.

In attendance were 51 expression companies in Scotland that were strained into required destruction in Q2 2011, up from 38 in the primary area. The quondam maximal every thirteen weeks cut since the vantage of 2008 was 48 in Q2 2010.

Creditors’ free liquidations in Scots constituent practically two-fold, up from 18 companies in the pre-eminent phase of the moon of 2011 to 34 in Q2. The quondam inferior three-month period was further Q2 2010 when 22 companies faint be means of that avenue.

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