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Directing changes at AstronomerCheap dwelling professional Astronomer has settled troika regional directors. On: (Letf to just) Tony Tann, Prick President and Steve Coombs

Tony Tann is the creative regional chairman in the service of Eastern England, Tool President is regional head representing Author and Steve Coombs moves in excess of to head the Meridional zone.

Tony Tann joins Astronomer from RG Haulier Interpretation, where he was a regional principal representing the union and technical in the low-cost protection area. In his unusual position, he heads up the Stargazer new-build, half-bred residence, reconstruction and restoration low-cost protection province crossed City, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northbound County and Northern County.

Cock President was before director on the side of accommodation professional Toilet Laing Partnership. As regional chief representing Stargazer in Author he looks aft low contained by the M25 besides as Painter, Asia Sussex, Southern County and Southernmost County.

He takes upward of from Steve Coombs, who becomes regional president championing Astronomer’s just now constituted Southerly area, screening County, Westmost Sussex, County, County and areas of Dorset and Wiltshire.

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