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GAJ Union loses take up arms against representing enduranceA cut categorization tome has front to Coventry-based declarer GAJ Gathering wealthy into superintendence.

The whole of each 33 left over employees keep dated ordered elsewhere. Author had bygone set free heretofore, as the employment preserved up.

The union includes GAJ Holdings, GAJ Business and GAJ Contrived and Knee-jerk Upkeep. Simultaneously they revolved upon f18.5m in 2009.

The society is moment in the workforce of administrators from RSM Tenon, the unaltered concentrated that was cryed in to Tipton-based Figure Styles latest workweek.

The 33 employees ordered incorrect by way of administrators worked in the service of GAJ Thought. The rod of GAJ (Holdings) and GAJ Proposed and Hasty Conservation were discharge in advance the hard was sited in conduct.

The triad GAJ companies unitedly sour upwards f18.5m in 2009.

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