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Mouchel loses a bag of its appraiseMouchel shares crashed 50% on the hoard shop yesterday abaft the room and fortify services unyielding discarded capture invitations from Interserve and Costain.

The allocation payment hew down from 147.5p at close up on 28 Demonstration to 101p at shut yesterday (29 Pace), wiping f60m of its shop estimate.

That term a daylight past Mouchel was trading at nearly the 200p impression. Past the 3 Dec the payment had troughed at 56.5p. They had risen to on all sides 150p near the termination of Feb as defeat meeting reached a crescendo.

Astern Mouchel's rebate yesterday, its bidders were as a rule sincere, with Costain morpheme the period up 5p to 257p and Interserve gaining 1p to 272,75p.

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