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UCATT takes complaint championing ex - Connaught workers in NorwichThinking combination UCATT has launched lawsuit in brace of its branchs who vanished their jobs with Connaught in Norwich, mass the associates’s cave in.

The combining is pursuing pursuit bench cases as a service to iniquitous sacking, remissness to move and collapse to advise and refer on behalf of 125 components.

The workers were busy past Connaught to take repairs and support on Norwich Gathering’s quarters inventory.

The whole lodgings continuation manpower at Norwich was prepared de trop shadowing Connaught’s go in Sept 2010. The work wounded in Norwich were the maximal of whatsoever distinct pact shadowing Connaught’s crumple.

UCATT asian regional secretaire Brian Whiskey whispered: “Our branchs receive dead burnt badly and at to strive to find calling, customarily on lots downgrade conditions and situation. That complaint is unqualifiedly requisite as these workers mislaid their jobs owing to unexceptionally no defect of their have.”

As once reportable, UCATT is furthermore on the lookout for correction in the service of preceding Connaught employees who were on a sexually transmitted dwelling continuation agreement in Framework at the spell of the fellowship’s failing.

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