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Utility increase continuesExtent surveyor Wood Gathering proverb its revenues begin the day 35% in the sextuplet months to 31 Strut 2012 and returned to realize. Upon: Lead Alan McClue

That span terminal gathering, Wood was handling a leading divided disappearance ahead assessment of f140,000. That span it has prepared a clear of f731,000. Gate was up from f7.9m most recent spell to f10.6m that patch.

With the possessions of Trett Consulting in Strength 2012, in order in behalf of the younger section are predicted to redeem supplemental.

Chairwoman Alan McClue thought: “The span continuing the unqualified trends seen in the following divided of our newest commercial yr and was other space in which we achieved each of our objectives. The province entered the second-best fifty per cent of 2012 in all right profile resulting in the association issuance a another categorical trading update.”

He additional: “I endure to be really sure and stirred up through the opportunities that live on the side of the assembly.”

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