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        The whole world is developing along the path of increasing economic power and financial independence of each state. This issue is not so easily solved. It all depends on both internal and external factors that determine the conditions for the development of each individual state. Ensuring stable economic development is not so simple. Although, if goals and objectives are correctly set, the result can be seen in the example of successful economic development of many states.

         The site, news of the economy and other areas of life from around the world, presents the “Around the World” Almanac, a portal that tracks news from all walks of life of different countries on all continents. Indeed, the economic situation in each country is completely different. There are countries of the world that have united in a group of economically successful states. Thus, the world is developing in heterogeneous economic conditions, which is also reflected in the living standards of citizens of various countries.

          In achieving economic stability, many factors are important. First of all, much depends on the availability of internal resources of each state. Many countries build their economic well-being on the sale of oil or gas, which is an important source, natural resource, the presence of which allows you to enter foreign markets, provides an inflow of foreign exchange reserves for the development of state economies.

        Studying the “Around the World” Almanac, you can also determine how many countries of the World achieved their economic prosperity by offering high-tech products on the foreign market. If a few decades ago, China remained a country that offered the world the cheapest goods, then today the country is a leader in the field of new technologies. This was achieved thanks to active investments in the field of science of the country.

       As the “Around the World” Almanac shows, some states are lagging behind in their economic development and cannot provide themselves with pasture cooperation in the foreign market. Most of the states of this group do not have the necessary domestic resources to ensure the production of competitive products.

      Such countries are constantly suffering from a lack of funds for the development of the economy, domestic needs, and also to ensure an adequate standard of living of the population. Very often, environmental conditions and frequent disasters become a determining factor when a lot of money has to be allocated to protect against unforeseen natural phenomena. An obvious example is the state of Bangladesh, where the main source of budget expenditures is flood control.




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