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        Living in a country house is one of the main advantages that a person who wants to change from a city apartment to a cozy and comfortable country house can take advantage of. Of course, the popularity of country houses makes every person who has such an opportunity pay attention to the possibility of building their own house outside the city. Someone starts with a small country house, another person wants to create their own country estate.

       Here, company proposed to design country houses by the company “Construction and Repair”. The company offers quite diverse cooperation with customers of services. First of all, here you can always use a standard project that allows you to build from a small country house to a standard, comfortable and well-maintained country house.

      The company also offers individual cooperation in the design of houses, this allows us to implement the most daring tasks. In this case, the project is developed based on the basic requirements and wishes of each customer.

       It should be borne in mind that the company “Construction and Repair” offers a full range of services that may be of interest to Muscovites and citizens of the country in the field of construction. This is, first of all, the construction of country houses, the service is offered both in Moscow, the region, as well as in other regions of the country. In this case, the company provides an integrated approach to work performance. Each object is rented on a turnkey basis.

       Also, the company offers professional repair of country houses of any type, repair of city apartments. The company’s professionals are ready to take on repair work of any level of complexity. Thus, in order to be able to order the construction of a country house, design or repair work, it is enough to contact the company’s specialists.

       With regard to the design of country houses, the company “Construction and Repair” is offered to use a ready-made, standard project or you can order development based on the basic requirements of the developer. In this case, also, a preliminary study and discussion of the project is proposed. Development and initial expert assessment are underway.

      It is also worth noting the high quality of the company’s services. First of all, it is a professional approach. For all work, a guarantee is provided, also, the company is always ready to offer services for the improvement of the territory adjacent to the house and landscape design.

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