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     If we talk about modern business, it is necessary to note the main features and dynamics of development. Also, first of all, you need to take into account that today business is developing in rather difficult conditions. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire global economy. Even the most economically powerful states feel the impact of the pandemic, quarantine and restrictions that are in place in the field of business, economy and trade.

       The site, offering news materials, clearly demonstrates the decline in business and business activity during the pandemic. The restrictions have affected almost every country. Today, in order to conduct an active business, one has to comply with the basic quarantine rules and social distancing requirements. Not every enterprise has the ability to fully operate in such conditions.

       Thus, there is not only a slowdown in the economic rates of development of each country, but also, a direct disruption of supplies, economic ties between enterprises within the country and at the level of interstate trade relations. Difficulties have arisen both in ensuring production, as well as in the supply and sale of finished products.

       Of course, the consequences of the pandemic are already beginning to be felt in every country. This makes the authorities look for new, more affordable forms of business development, but it is quite difficult to implement this issue in a short period of time.

       It is necessary to take into account the general significance of the consequences of the pandemic, which, to a greater or lesser extent, manifest themselves in each individual state. The main problems are that each state does not receive the planned budget funds. In this case, all payments that are planned during the calendar year are jeopardized.

      It is also necessary to foresee the impact of the consequences of the pandemic on the future. Each state will have its own terms and rates of rehabilitation and economic recovery. In any case, this will be a rather complicated process, which will require the resumption of business investment, the creation of favorable conditions for development.

       The development and practical application of a vaccine against coronavirus can become a positive signal, a new impetus in the development of the economic process. Here, too, there is a certain limitation factor, since not every state will be able to simultaneously provide full vaccination of the population.

     The process may take longer than expected. It can also negatively affect the full resumption of international economic relations.

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